Quantega Freshers Skill Development


Quantega encourages graduate level employees to strive towards skill enhancement and achieve career growth. This is made possible with the help of a well-defined recruitment system that hires fresh talents, nurture them, and inculcate a passion for their work.


We believe in the idea of unity in diversity where a variety of people of different ages, skill, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender come together to contribute towards a common goal. We understand the psychology of our applicants and hence crafted adaptive learning methods to polish them for the coming years of their career.


Direct interaction with industry experts


The chances of staying in an enterprise increase by 42% for an employee when they get the required training for their job. High-end technology support and years of experience are precisely what Quantega delivers as training to the freshers. The compact and well-programmed sessions value your time and save extra efforts.


Value towards the employee


We value your thoughts and ideas. There is an entrepreneur in every young individual that thrives when it gets the proper support and encouragement. We believe in equal opportunities for all and uses every instance to favor your goals and dreams.


Effective training, better methodologies


The goal of training is to develop employees as an autonomous element of the organization that is self-sufficient to solve problems and adds value to the organization. The methodologies are employee oriented that are specific to each employee and their skill set rather than generalizing and setting standardized benchmarks for all.


The approach of lateral thinking will help you to focus on solution rather than the problem itself. This will help you to simplify the ongoing processes of some of most complex projects.


Working on your problem-solving skill.


We have world-renowned trainers who are very experienced and give you full freedom for creativity and bringing solution out of the box. These people welcome new ideas and believe that your contribution will take Quantega to the next level. A fresher brings new perspective to the group hence can inspire a team to bring new upgrades to an existing product.


Quantega works to develop your problem-solving skills and bring out the best of your talents. We help you to improve your skills by introducing extracurricular activities and volunteering. Several games and group activities will also help you to increase your leadership and problem-solving abilities.


We train for resilience.


Resilience is one the most expected prerequisites sought by a job employer. From the beginning of your first job to the following years of work, you will face a plethora of challenges and setbacks in your life. This all can be handled with the right mindset. Hence, our proper stress management training will help you to handle lifelong challenges with the right spirit. Scientifically designed programs like mindfulness, Self Aware, 2.5 hours physical activities rules/week for everybody are the silver bullets required to combat stress and workload.


Creating tomorrow's entrepreneurs


Quantega brings out the best of your skills; this is done with the help of a well-crafted training system that takes into account the strengths and weaknesses of each employee and creates adequate opportunities for them to learn and grow. We entertain new ideas and encourage these young entrepreneurs to make the most of their talents. We believe in a cumulative growth where everyone enjoys equal perks and support.


The training system focuses on the following aspects of personal development:

  • Passion and Motivation

  • Adaptability and Flexibility

  • Product and Market Knowledge

  • Not Afraid to Take Risks

  • Self-belief, Hard Work and Disciplined Dedication


Removing the communication gap


A significant challenge faced by most freshers is the lack of communication with their seniors. They often miss out the critical information and do not have a clear understanding of what their seniors expect from them. This problem is solved by implementing complete transparency which requires total participation. Seniors are always available to remove any possible ambiguity and continually reminds the freshers about their responsibilities as an employee of the organization.


In this continuous learning environment, you get to tinker with new ideas to soothe your curiosity. The Quantega provides one such platform. Here you can experiment with different prototyping approaches, and get hands-on experience with open source and proprietary software tools and technologies. You get to engage with other talented designers and developers, finding solutions in areas as diverse as air pollution mapping, robotics, health, smart devices, sensors, apps, drones, and automation, and many more.


We are inclined towards building a better tomorrow and create a smart workforce that is determined towards achieving their personal and professional goals. These proficient employees are not only equipped with a high-end skill set but are also prepared to face any likely change in the economy because of the ever-changing technology and business transformations.

Quantega aligns with competency frameworks by helping individuals to reskill and reinvent themselves in order to stay relevant to the ever changing and unpredictable landscape of industry today.