Our Approach for AI Ready Leadership and How We did it

At Quantega, we make a positive impact on the world through our teamwork, our rich cultural diversity and our passion for innovative products. We offer a flexible and diversified workplace, focused on people's mindsets and actions, fostering excitement, energy and opportunity across the Quantega community. Throughout your career you will benefit from our incentives and rewards for Quantega employees.We are on a new journey of growth, building on our most formidable assets: our brands, our financial strength, our global reach, our unrivaled distribution system and the strong commitment of our management and employees worldwide. 

At Quantega, we are on a new journey of growth, building on our most formidable assets: our brands, our financial strength, our global reach, our unrivaled distribution system and the strong commitment of our management and employees worldwide. We plan to be the Game Changers of 2020 with the vision of being the best brand; the most favoured employer. Our objective is to become a leading global professional services organisation by 2020.  It is to is accelerate our transformation and continue on our growth track in a challenging economic environment. We create long-term sustainable value for consumers, communities and colleagues alike – through the brands, support and career we offer.Quantega’s values, vision, business strategy and quality brand promise come together to support our main purpose as a company: to shape the future of Next Generation Innovation.

Working at Quantega will help you to explore the opportunities that awaits you. We are committed to building a better working world with increased trust and confidence in business, sustainable growth, development of talent in all its forms and greater collaboration, with our clients and communities.

Quantega firmly believes that it takes both  sustainable work culture and prioritizing employees’ need to make a rooted business model. Taking care of our employees’ perspective is inevitable for us. With the ever evolving tech industry, we have also focused on creating a healthy work-life culture. We believe in “Keeping our team satisfied and happy so that they have better reasons to show up for work in the next morning.”

We proudly claim to be an employee centric company. We attribute our success to our phenomenal employee system. We have and we always will keep our People First.

We have a unique culture that converts our people’s passions into actions. If this isn’t enough, following are the reasons, why you should choose to work at Quantega

Start Your Journey with Quantega

At Quantega, Our Solutions cut across domains like Banking & Finance, Life Science, Robotics, Gaming, IT Consulting, Social Applications, Agriculture and Data Analytics. We have immense in-house capability for Research and Innovation, owing to our open Idea Share Culture, backed by our Wonderful Teams and their Thoughtful Support.

Global Diverse Team

Team of Diverse Background and Expertise

Vision Meet Technologies

Technology Empower our Social Mission

We Stand Out

Idea Based Team Formation

Work with Our Expert and Diverse Team

Get on board to be part of Team of 3000+ Ideapreneurs from Different parts of Globe, Work on Most Exciting and Challenging Projects which include Developing Products and services for people all around the world. We have Designed our Workplaces to meet with all the requirements of our Team to solve and work on those Innovative, Challenging and Big Projects.


Embrace Challenges with Us

Idea Culture

We Encourage your Ideas

Employee Up-Skilling

We Train You To Be an Expert

Diverse Team

Cooperation over Competition

Goal Oriented

Work What Matters

Be Part of Excitingly Big and Challenging Projects
At Quantega, Hone Your Skills and Grow as a Person
Work with Global Diverse Team of People and Machine

Ability to have accessibility to more than just a company

Tapping into the social nature of a brand means thinking differently about the expectations that consumers have for the product or service, their view of the company; thereby generating a loyal and emotional connection with our consumers.We foster an accessible, human approach to our products,providing a seamless, meaningful experience to customers.The World of Quantega is a timeless, innovative brand that strives to entertain more than your professional goals, but your personal goals as well.


AI ready Leadership

Our revolutionary ideas are made sure to fall in place with the aid of the leaders who have an amazing foresight, insight and compelling vision. Leaders at Quantega, toil hard to form a customer- focused culture wherein they conduct discussions on customer query handling and their prominent issues. We know that our team has brilliant ideas and they are valued. Leaders make sure to discover new concepts and an urge to take risks and face the consequences. Leadership at our workplace is are totally grounded by the stakeholders’ interests. They not only create an open culture where views are respected and heard but make sure that they are ideated resulting into great customer experience.

Our Approach

In our quest to establishing a culture of agility, our first step was to set up innovation networks, put up suggestion boxes throughout our offices. We held discussions over the changes we were introducing. During such discussions, we created an environment where ideas could flow freely. This helped us create an innovation ecosystem, understand the skill limitations of our employees more precisely, and the areas that needed reinforcement.

People First, Mission Always

There is no doubt in saying that the most important part in any business is the authenticity because it speaks directly through the heart. We believe in this and make sure that our employees experience this feeling. We provide them the transparency level where they can voice out their strategies and ideas at various company levels no matter who they are. We also hold anonymous interactive sessions where the introverts can speak their heart out.

A unique culture

Being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be, Quantega fosters a culture where our people are truly dedicated to living our values.We strategize the challenge of meaningful work by offering constant opportunities to develop world-class skills and a truly inspiring career to our people. We imbibe the culture of Team Spirit and succeed when we work together with a diverse range of people with diverse skills.

Rewarding Environment

Who doesn’t like being appreciated and acknowledged?

At Quantega, we recognize employee development, increased contribution and value to the company thereby creating a competitive employee compensation strategy, with a mix of salary, benefits, incentives & non-cash compensation to commensurate with your role and responsibilities in the organisation.Incentives are the most likely drivers of attracting and retaining the best employees. We regularly evaluate and as needed update our rewards programs to ensure they are aligned to drive the expected business results that are focused on creating sustainable long-term growth.


Our people have the opportunity to plan their retirement plans with us and save accordingly.

Food Coupons, Free Fitness Classes/Gym and opportunities to participate in Various level of Sports and Social Activities.

With us, you can enjoy the comfort of industry-leading health care coverage for you and your family.

We provide financial assistance for up-skilling expenses related to Quantega. You can go ahead and advance your career through a range of professional development courses.

Quantega maintains this balance through its 'Employee First' program where the prime focus is on anything that the employee needs. Support, Knowledge, Recognition, Empowerment, and Transformation are five important things that are taken utmost care.

We have well designed policies to cut down stress levels beaming at the workplace thereby improving health outcomes.

We offer flexible work schedules, generous vacation, and holidays to spend with family or pursue your interests outside of work.

We provide paid leaves for birth mothers and new parents who are adopting.

AI Enabled Project Management, Work Life Balance and Free counselling is our Key Offerings for our People.

Intelligent Machines are here to stay

Get on Board with Quantega to be Ready for the Jobs of Future


Jobs of future

The Rapid Growth of Machine Learning, Automation, and other Technologies have brought forward the biggest Change that our JOB Market will see.


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